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Improving Your Investments: Nicholas Assef

July 20, 2022

Nicholas Assef developed his basic business philosophy through more than 25 years of extensive work experience, not only in the corporate world, but also the legal profession and in the world of academics. He is keenly aware that the clients who choose his firm don’t do so to get the most basic investment services; they usually have a desired outcome in mind and they want someone to handle it in a way that creates that outcome.

That Is why he founded Lincoln Crowne & Company Pty. Limited, a very prominent investment firm, where he also serves as Executive Director and Senior Analyst. Nick uses an innovative approach to giving his clients investment and business advice that is often described as "tenacious."

It is also why Lincoln Crowne's core principles reflect his. The firm uses innovative thinking and deep and knowing commercial and financial judgment to give clients the best and clearest advice possible. He strongly believes that his and his firm’s purpose is to provide clients with not just deal-making expertise in the short term, but also the wisdom and knowledge to see what may happen somewhere down the line.